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NCAA athletes are now allowed to earn money by using their own name, image, and likeness (“NIL”) while engaged in college athletics, including by participating in product advertisements and placement in print ads, television ads, radio appearances, personal appearances, autograph signings, private coaching, and social media.


Mark Wiemelt is an experienced NIL lawyer, with offices in Chicago, IL, La Grange, IL, and SW Michigan (New Buffalo), offering confidential free initial consultations focusing on intellectual property rights, including NIL licensing on a contingent or hourly basis.


Restrictions called “guard rails” regulate how student-athletes are permitted to benefit from their NIL and strict compliance with bylaws is necessary to ensure that student-athletes do not jeopardize their NCAA eligibility.


Prior to commercializing their NIL, current or prospective NCAA student-athletes should consult with the NCAA, their institution’s compliance department, and retain an experienced NIL attorney.  Many universities have NIL resources or partners to assist with NIL. However, student-athletes should not rely solely on these.  Student-athletes and their families can engage a non-agent NIL attorney at any time and not risk losing their amateur status.


NIL attorney Mark Wiemelt can aid NCAA student-athletes with NIL contract negotiation, drafting, and review, as well as with communications with school compliance officers, such as documenting the NIL relationship to ensure NCAA compliance and eligibility.


Student-athletes should seek to protect their NIL as early as possible, including by filing a U.S. trademark application for a personal brand they have a bona fide intent to use up to three years before the student-athlete actually begins selling products or services under the personal brand’s trademark. 


NIL Lawyer Mark Wiemelt has been an intellectual property attorney for over 30 years, with significant experience in negotiating, drafting, and litigating license agreements.  His has been perennially ranked among the "TOP TRADEMARK FIRMS" and "TOP PATENT FIRMS" in the U.S. by Intellectual Property Today, a monthly publication focused on intellectual property rights legal issues.


NIL Attorney Mark Wiemelt has provided practical and comprehensive intellectual property rights representation and strategic direction to hundreds of clients in Chicago, Illinois, LaGrange, Illinois, SW Michigan (New Buffalo), and worldwide, ranging from start-ups, small businesses and private entrepreneurs to publicly-traded companies, including the world's largest corporate trademark licensing company


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